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Getting your house ready to put on the market can be a daunting task. Just the thought of all that needs to be done can overwhelm a person to the point that the seller decides it's not worth the effort. But what about those who need to move to another state due to a job change, or those who would like to be closer to an ailing parent, or they need a larger house because the family is growing? Everyone wants to get the most money out of the sale of their home as possible. Some need to sell their home quickly but still need every red cent to put toward their next purchase.

Achieve new goals

Stage to Sell will help you to realize the impossible is achievable. This workbook breaks everything down into four stages. Each stage will help you to organize your time, stay on task, and finish with the house buyers will want. We strongly suggest that you complete each stage before you continue on to the next one. Skipping around in the different stages will only lead you to overlook some of the tasks, and every task in each stage is important. Prospective buyers are now spoiled with staged homes. They have a lot to choose from and are being more selective about what they want in their new home.

List your home

When you decide you want to sell your home, get on the Internet and start looking at homes that are similar to yours in style, size, and geographical area. Check out the price point they are listed for and study their appearance. Now you know your competition. It's time to step yours up a bit. After you have completed the questionnaire, estimate a budget to determine what investment is necessary. You don't want to show the typical house. Your aim is to show a house everyone wants, so give them a reason to want it.

Are you one of those homeowners who still can't decide for sure that you want to sell? It's still a great idea to work through the stages of Stage to Sell home staging workbook even if you decide not to sell. You will have a fresh, clean, organized, & updated home to enjoy for any upcoming occasion.


“You’ve done a really great job with it.”

Mike Ferry – CEO
North America’s Leading Real Estate Coaching and Training Organization

“We could not be more impressed by Kelli Soetaert Pratt’s Stage to Sell home staging workbook! For the home seller who needs to get a house ready for a quick lucrative sale, it is the perfect tool for systematically walking the home seller through all the areas of the property that need attention. Stage to Sell will help guide the homeowner through the four main stages it takes to get the home in tip-top shape. The layout is both beautiful and user- friendly. Every realtor should give a copy of the Stage to Sell workbook to their clients who want to sell their homes quickly and at the highest possible price. We give it our highest recommendation.”

Jan Hastreiter, Kandy Walsh
Vice Presidents/Broker Associates
Long Realty Company
Tucson, Arizona

“The staging workbook is a great and inexpensive resource for real estate clients looking to sell their home.”

Catherine O’neill
Realtor at Sotheby’s International Realty
Santa Barbara, California

“Thank you for creating something so useful from your own personal need.”

Jennifer Nesselhuf
Associate Broker
Riverside Realty, LLC
Fowler, Colorado

“I just listed a $2.3 million ocean view home today, gave a copy of Stage to Sell to the seller. She was ecstatic! She said it was exactly what she needed. Thank you, Kelli Soetaert Pratt, for putting this book together. It’s a great resource for us agents to make available to our seller.”

Ron Dickman
Broker Associate/Realtor at
Sotheby’s International Realty
Santa Barbara, California

About the Author
Kelli Soetaert-Pratt has always enjoyed interior design and décor and would implement her ideas within the walls of her own home. With much encouragement from family and friends, she started her own business (Beautiful Walls), creating faux finishes and murals in residential homes around the Kansas City metropolitan area. The suffering housing market had a negative impact on Beautiful Walls, along with most other businesses that depended upon a thriving market.

After hearing story after story from homeowners across the nation who were having difficulties selling their homes, and of those who had given up hope of selling, Kelli decided to combine her skills and personal experience to create the workbook Stage to Sell. Her primary desire is that this book will have a positive and practical impact on homeowners and promote the successful sale of their home.


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