An Attractive Home Attracts Buyers

Real estate agents have walked through hundreds of homes. And those who have been in the business a long time have probably stepped through thousands of homes. They have seen a lot and each have their favorite story to tell.

An agent gets a sense of what a home should look like to attract a buyer when they first tour your home.  However, some homeowners seem to miss the mark.  Dingy and marred walls, front porch not swept, children’s toys not picked up, and pet odors are just a few. Don’t let this be you. Start with purchasing the “Stage to Sell” workbook.  This workbook has a questionnaire that helps you to spot what needs to be cleaned, decluttered, organized, and updated.  Then, invite an honest friend or family member over to give you a critique.  What would they notice, if they were viewing the home to possibly purchase?  And finally, get feed back from your agent.  Inquire about what others who have viewed your home are saying.  Do not take it personal. Your home has been lived in by you and your family members for how long? You’ve made it your own over the years. Others are seeing it as if it were their home. Now, its time to take notes and make changes that will attract the perfect buyer.