Flavor of the day! (Adding Color to Your Home)

Are you someone who is not comfortable with choosing colors for your home?  Does the thought of bright and bold colors create in you some sort of anxiety that you just want to run from?  Then, don’t think of them as colors; think of them as FLAVORS.

Tonight, I ran down to my favorite gelato hub because I wanted to get a photo for this post. At least, that was my excuse to have a taste of their strawberry champagne goodness. This particular gelato shop adorns each flavor of gelato with fruit, candy, chocolate, nuts, marshmallows, and what ever their gelato ingredients have in them.  It’s a scrumptious display of flavors.  And, of course, it makes me want to try each and every delectable flavor and combination of flavors their chefs have created.  Can you help but drool at the granny smith apple diving into the raspberry gelato? Just look at the chocolate covered bananas next to the red strawberries, and the blackberries next to the strawberries with their green stems still on.  All I can think of is how fresh this looks.

Color is Yum!
Color is Yum!

If you are struggling with which colors to choose, try thinking of a particular ethnic food palate you prefer.  Then, choose a meal which includes a side dish, salad, and/or dessert.  For example, your favorite foods tend to be Southwest flavor.  What ingredients would you use for this? Chillies, onions, tomatoes, avocados,  black beans, rice, corn, are just a few.  Well, each of these ingredients represent a color.  Imagine what your favorite meal would look like without any color? Would it still be a meal you desire to eat again? Just like food, if the interior of a home looks bland, then it’s not a desirable home to go into again. You may be accustom to it, but are others who visit your home subconsciously disenchanted?

Try this!  Create your favorite meal in your home and set it on the table.  Just before you eat, notice how the colors make the food look delicious. Take a picture of your meal. Pick out three or four ingredients (colors) and use them for your color palette.   Are you getting ideas?  Now, take one room and place accessories in the room that represent the meal you most enjoy.  How does this room make you feel?  Does choosing colors for your home seem a little more approachable? Take it slow. Just begin with using accessories for color until you get more comfortable. If you go all out and paint a whole room a color you thought you would like, you may just hate it.  Stick with neutral colors on walls for now. Think of them as your pasta or rice ingredients. By themselves they taste a bit bland. On the other hand, once you add different colorful ingredients (like accessories for the walls), the flavor starts to dress up the pasta or rice. Making it more desirable to eat.

Remember, COLOR IS YUM! It’s okay to make a home taste good!