What Are The Most Beneficial Upgrades For Your Home?

CostvsValue.com is an excellent resource for understanding the cost of doing different projects around your home. This resource gathers information on the cost of materials and labor from the big box stores and small mom and pop shops. You can even view what the average costs are in your area. So, if you are wanting to build a new deck or remodel a bathroom and need to come up with a budget, this is the website to go to. This also figures your ROI so that you can get the confidence you need for your home improvement as an investment. Many real estate agents use this resource to guide their listing clients with choosing what would be the most beneficial upgrades for their home. Upgrades that help a home to sell for more money and in less time.

Some markets are going gang busters and homes are not on the market all that long. Even though, a home seller does not want to leave money on the table by leaving areas of the house that need upgraded to the job of the new homeowner.  In markets that are slower, upgrades help a home to sell faster. Remember, time is money! Also, some upgrades can place a home in a new price category because of the demand in the area. Such as, a kitchen with shaker style doors, new hardware, quartz countertops, and full height glass and stone tile backsplash has been the look many are asking for.

Now that Spring has sprung, do not forget about your curb appeal.  Upgrading a front door is among the highest for getting your money back and then some.  Homes are usually the largest investment we make in our lifetime. Be sure to be investing in it as your money grows. A farmer would not just plant the seeds of his crops without investing more time and money to water, feed, eliminate weeds and pests. Caring for his crops will always yield a much higher percentage of produce than if he left it alone. Taking care of your home as you live there and adding up to date fixtures, flooring, appliances, etc. can over the years yield you so much more than what you might expect.

Best of luck on your projects. Please share with me your experiences of doing these projects. You are welcome to email me your stories with photos to kelli@onesourcestaging.com