Adding “WOW” to Your Home

Sometimes we need just that little extra something that just says “Wow”.  That’s why we are always looking through magazines and Pinterest to get ideas. This past weekend I decided to paint a mural based on our family tree. Even though it has each of my children, and grandchildren represented on the mural, it does not show as being too personalized. If I was to have to sell the house, I can keep the mural as a “Wow” feature.  On the flip side, all of our kids were excited to figure out which bird represented them and their family.

The mural was painted with acrylic paint along with the leaves painted with liquid gold and silver leaf. These items can be easily purchased at your local craft store.  Follow the instructions carefully and be sure to plan and draw out your mural first before going ahead with painting it on the wall.

Please email me photos of a “Wow” feature you have creatively done in your home. Be sure to add materials used and an explanation of how you accomplished it. Upon approval the photos and your comments will be featured on the One Source Staging blog.

Good Luck,

Kelli Soetaert-Pratt

Family Tree Mural
Family Tree Mural

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